Spectral Projections

22 October, 2017

LEEDS SURREALIST GROUP are presenting an evening of surprise short films, with introductions and a discussion, at 7.00pm on Friday, 17th November, 2017 at Inkwell Arts, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7 3LW


Surrealist Editions Website

3 August, 2017

After some lengthy problems with the website set up for our publications, we are happy to announce that it has now been restored:


Peculiar Mormyrid No.5

9 June, 2017

Leeds Surrealist Group contributed a collage game, creating two ‘masks’ using maps of the centre of our city, for the fifth issue of the journal, Peculiar Mormyrid:

A pdf of the journal can be found here.

Peculiar Mormyrid No.4

26 November, 2016

Leeds Surrealist Group contributed a collage game, creating six imaginary sea creatures, for the fourth issue of the journal, Peculiar Mormyrid.


A pdf of the journal can be found here.

19th Leeds International Artists’ Book Fair

4 February, 2016

LEEDS SURREALIST GROUP will have a Surrealist Editions table at this year’s International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th March at The Tetley, Hunslet Road, Leeds, LS10 1JQ.


For further information: here and The Tetley website

Waterloo & Elsewhere

12 November, 2015

Waterloo & Elsewhere by Peter Overton


A collection of photographs with accompanying captions that build into a verbal-visual poem. With 34 full-colour and 2 black-and-white plates printed on Chorus Lux Silk paper, and an introduction by Krzysztof Fijalkowski.

‘Peter Overton’s images of abandoned objects belong in a tradition of the documentation of detritus and material affray running from Atget’s pictures of early twentieth-century rag pickers in the zone on the outskirts of Paris, through the work of Czech photographers such as Emila Medková and Alois Nožička exploring waste grounds and marginal sites.’ – from the introduction, Down Is Up, by Krzysztof Fijalkowski.

In a limited edition of 100 numbered copies only.

42 pages – 17cm x 17cm square format – November 2015 – ISBN 978-1-906238-03-2

Price including postage & packing:
UK £8.00
Europe £10.50
USA & Rest of the World £11.00

Buy online at www.surrealisteditions.co.uk

The Little Shop of Magic – 116 Gallery

21 September, 2015


Members of Leeds Surrealist Group are participating in the exhibition ‘The Little Shop of Magic’, organised by Wedgwood Steventon, in Gallery 116, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Manchester Artists Book Fair 2015

13 September, 2015

LEEDS SURREALIST GROUP will have a Surrealist Editions table at the Artists’ Book Market on Friday 16th & Saturday 17th October at the Manchester School of Art’s Holden Gallery.


For further information see the MABF website here.

The Baltic Artists’ Book Market – July 2015

3 July, 2015

LEEDS SURREALIST GROUP will have a Surrealist Editions table at the Artists’ Book Market on Friday 10th & Saturday 11th July at The Baltic, Gateshead.



For further information see The Baltic

Mike Peters

11 June, 2015


Mike Peters 1947 – 2015

We are very sad to have to report the loss of our friend and comrade, Mike Peters, who died of heart failure on the morning of Wednesday, 3rd June. Mike had been a member of the Leeds Surrealist Group since 2005, but a long-time conspirator and fellow traveller before then; indeed, since our group was formed in 1994. Some of us knew him as an editor of and contributor to the influential Here & Now magazine; others as students at the institution in whose side he had been a thorn; and still others simply as a welcome critical presence in the political life of those radical milieus growing up outside Socialist or Anarchist orthodoxies.

A man whose creativity was rarely burdened by convention, Mike could always be relied upon to approach Surrealism as something grounded as much in humour as in poetic and intellectual enquiry. Indeed, despite occasionally doing battle with his own black dogs, he was the most stridently anti-miserablist of us all.

For a couple of years after joining the group, Mike would complain that he was unable to encounter ‘found objects’. One day, for reasons never elaborated, the dam burst and our meetings became coves where vast quantities of flotsam would collect after drifting in on Mike’s tide. Many of these objects would result in fascinating processes of collective enquiry, whilst others would exert a glamour upon him so mysteriously subjective that it would be almost impossible for the rest of us to penetrate. It is pleasing to think of the mixture of pride and child-like wonder that characterised him in this period, and the particular joyous and very honest vulnerability that Mike would bring to the group, challenging the rest of us to meet it. Yet, even in the context of such generosity, we all of us should have liked decades more in which to further appreciate the complex aggregation of compulsions, desires, plans, and peccadilloes of which our friend was composed.