S No.2

S No.2

A journal from Leeds Surrealist Group

24 pages (including wraps) – A5 format – colour – March 2021

Texts, poems, images, collective games including

A Promenade in New Leeds by Night – an imaginary walk taken in a city suburb
El Danzante – a game of visual interpretation
Cumbersome Repellent – a collective poem
Fragments from Nine Puzzle-Poems
El Tío de la Mina & Kari Kari – examples from games of visual interpretation
The Bars of Orion – a film review

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Surrealist Photography in the World 2021

Members of Leeds Surrealist Group are participating in the exhibition ‘La Photographie surréaliste dans le monde en 2021’, organised by the Paris Surrealist Group, at the Espace André Breton, located in the Rignault Museum (which adjoins the Maison André Breton), Saint-Cirq-Lapopie. The opening will be held at 3pm on Saturday, 20th March and will include readings and a talk, further details can be found here.

S – a new journal

S issue no.1

A new journal from Leeds Surrealist Group

24 pages (including wraps) – A5 format – colour – October 2020

Texts, poems, images, collective games including:

The Last Meeting Before Lockdown – a collective drawing and text

A Promenade in New Leeds by Day – a description of an imaginary walk taken in a city suburb

A Trident – from a game of visual interpretation

Proposed Titles – a game of poetic appellations for an untitled drawing

The Dark-Lantern – a ‘puzzle-poem’ game using fragments of an old print

Dresden Silk – an essay on hypnagogic ‘verbal intrusions

Price including postage & packing:

UK £4.00 * Europe £5.00 * USA & Rest of the World £6.00


Assez Erratique?

In his review of The International Encyclopaedia of Surrealism, published in Infosurr no. 142, the art historian Michel Rémy describes our group’s activities as ‘assez erratique’.

If this were true, we would have absolutely no problem with such an epithet, given the trajectory of the surrealist adventure can be as erratic as life itself.

We have known M. Rémy, a specialist in ‘British Surrealism’, since having first encountered him in the late 1990s, so were somewhat surprised at his dismissive remark, without his firstly having researched or enquired about our activities.

Perhaps holding group meetings each week for over twenty-six years is considered as being neither a sufficiently surrealist activity nor one of sufficient regularity, and in M. Rémy’s view is thus ‘erratic’. Or is it that we are being assessed in terms of ‘productivity’ and found to be turning out insufficient quantities of ‘art’ or ‘literature’?

We will not list here the publications, games, events, exhibitions, etc. that we have been responsible for, nor those that we have contributed to, either as a group or individually. That would be tedious and, for those who have the curiosity to find out for themselves, could be established without much effort, particularly if one is a specialist in ‘British Surrealism’. Besides, we do not subscribe to current predilections for information overload, which are often taken to the point of flagrant exhibitionism.

What is visible of our group through our publications and exhibitions arises from a truly collective activity; it is, however, a necessarily partial and limited view, most of our activities being ‘occulted’ from the public gaze.

Given the context of M. Rémy’s remarks, which were made in consideration of ‘group’ activity, they inadvertently, but usefully foreground a confusion over what a surrealist group is and how it can be defined. There is an important distinction to be made between a surrealist group and an association of like-minded individuals who come together to put on an exhibition or publish some of their writing, whether on paper or on a screen, but have no true collective foundation as such.

Surrealism, as it manifests through the life of a group, is foremost a question of collective experience, which is by far its most important ‘product’.

Leeds Surrealist Group
Gareth Brown, Stephen J Clark, Kenneth Cox, Luke Dominey, Amalia Higham, Bill Howe, Sarah Metcalf, Peter Overton, Jonathan Tarry, Martin Trippett
24th July 2020


A pdf of the above statement can be dowloaded here: Assez Erratique?.