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Down Victory! by Peter Overton


with an introduction & afterword by Kenneth Cox

in a limited edition of 350 numbered copies

ISBN 978-906238-00-1

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Down Victory! presents a series of fourteen photographs, together with accompanying texts, of an abandoned, ‘worthless’ place that was investigated by Peter Overton, as the preliminary to a collective game, Explorations of Absence, played by Leeds Surrealist Group over 2000-2001.

“What the subtle interplay of these photographs and texts conveys is the surreality that is latent within the real, the process of subjective revelation; as well as inviting us to make our own explorations and to look at the world in an entirely different way. There have been many books about surrealism published in this country, but very few books that are in themselves surrealist. This is the first in a very long time.” – from the Introduction.