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surrealism’s continuing creative luminescence

“It is ironic that those who like to refer to surrealism’s ‘legacy’ look anywhere but to surrealism itself for its continuity.”

“Today, surrealism’s dynamic has many vectors throughout the world, not only in the form of various organised groups, and in their activities and projections into the public sphere, but also in those individuals who prefer to adventure alone.”

“…what distinguishes such practices that are termed ‘surrealist’ is a question of intention and of intelligence, propelled from within a social, political and moral dimension; it is thus, moreover, a sensibility, a way of looking at and acting upon the world.”

from the editorial, To Be Continued…, by Kenneth Cox

68 pages • B5 format • ISSN 1755-0009

texts, stories, poems images on the theme of

Narratives of Absence


Ted Joans, I, Black Surrealist – an extract from his unpublished autobiography

Eugenio Castro, The Limitless Mirror – a reflection upon absence

Leeds Surrealist Group, from Explorations of Absence – taken from a collective game exploring the relationship between abandoned places, their images and lost objects

short stories by – Rikki Ducornet, Michael Richardson, John Hartley Williams

poems by – Andrew Boobier, Kenneth Cox, Ted Joans, Katerina Pinosova

images by – Gareth Brown, Stephen J. Clark, Kathleen Fox, Rik Lina, Peter Overton, Martin Trippett, John Welson

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