In collaboration with the newly-formed Mallard Club (set up for improvised & experimental music gigs), Leeds Surrealist Group are presenting a musical soirée, including films by Tippi Tillvind, in The Royal Park, Leeds, commencing at 8:00pm on Thursday, 10th November, 2011.

Johannes Bergmark + Tippi Tillvind (duo):

“A great friendship found its voice of impro-expression turning into a rambunctious collaboration between a spunky musical instrument inventor and a timid collage maker. each performance is a flux of found, acoustic, electronic, prerecorded, trashy, trivial, complex sounds. sound poetry out of vintage movies hand in hand with screech of zippers or rubber bands from the amplified musical set up. eclectic like a brainstorm.”

and Gareth S. Brown:

“Gareth S. Brown is a Leeds-based composer and musician working mainly with computers but occasionally with other instruments and non-instruments and, just recently, field recordings. He has had three albums released on Bristol’s Misplaced Music as well as appearing on a number of compilations and remixing the music of other artists. Gareth is also a member of the Leeds Surrealist Group and contributes to their JournalPhosphor as well as to other publications of the international surrealist movement.”