Other Air

Several members of the Leeds Surrealist Group will be participating in the OTHER AIR exhibition organised by the Czech-Slovak Group of Surrealists, which opens on 9th February 2012.

From the OTHER AIR catalogue:


“Close your eyes and open the window.”

This retrospective exhibition, OTHER AIR (1990-2011), presented from the 10th February to the 4th April 2012 in The Old Town Hall in Prague, spontaneously observes a certain time pattern: since it was exactly twenty years ago that the exhibition THE THIRD ARK of the Surrealist Group in Czechoslovkia took place in Prague’s Mánes gallery which, at that time, mapped the whole previous twenty years of the group’s activities (1970-1991). The constituent turning point for collective presentation was represented by the exhibition, with international participation, SACRILEGE – THE MARVELOUS AGAINST THE SACRED, held at the Salm Palace in Prague in 1999. The present-day Group of Czech-Slovak Surrealists now has a modified and enlarged make-up of individuals. Due to the circumstances after 1989, the group was able to emerge from underground publication and open up their activities to the public sphere. They now collaborate with individuals from France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Romania, Greece, USA and other countries, whose creative work, also presented in this exhibition, confirms the international dimension of surrealist activities. So much for the fragment of history. Let us say, here and now that this other air is a desirable element, or even an element indispensable to man. This exhibition attempts to map the aerial currents and open, perhaps more and more effectively, these living, breathing air holes – windows that are always, again and again, being closed in vain.


Further information on the exhibition can be found in English here and in Czech here.