The Hunt For The Object Of Desire

Leeds Surrealist Group will be participating in an international exhibition organized by La Liaison Surréaliste à Montréal at Gallerie Espace,
 4844 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal, Quebec, running from 5th to 17th June 2014.


Further information can be found here Surréalisme Montréal.

“How can even the most powerful kaleidoscope reflect all the shimmerings that are enameled upon the multicoloured flesh of these vast lands that desire reveals to us? And from the core of this fire we’ll be able to melt under the magnetic characteristics of its inflorescence? It is carried by the mark of its teeth, and by the pressure of its lips, that we will feverishly abandon ourselves to its vertigo; but how could we preserve such an enchantment, while Reason wastes its energy in eating away at any real life force, making us abandon what makes each individual a wholly unique being, capable of evoking the voluptuous aims of Love and Liberty?!”

– from the introductory text to the exhibition catalogue