19th Leeds International Artists’ Book Fair

LEEDS SURREALIST GROUP will have a Surrealist Editions table at this year’s International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th March at The Tetley, Hunslet Road, Leeds, LS10 1JQ.


For further information: here and The Tetley website

Less of That W or I’ll Z You!

now available from Surrealist Editions

A new poetry collection by John Hartley Williams

including translations of poems by Benjamin Péret & Jacques Prévert

with a frontispiece by Kathleen Fox

24 pages ◊ A5 format ◊ July 2011

ISBN 978-1-906238-02-5

Price inclusive of postage & packing:

£5.00 UK   ◊   £6.00 Europe   ◊   £7.00 Rest of the World

Buy online at www.surrealisteditions.co.uk

Cheques / POs / IMOs payable to “Surrealist Editions” to be sent to: Surrealist Editions, 6 Aberdeen Grove, LEEDS, LS12 3QY, England

The Bridge of Shadows



in a limited edition of 350 numbered copies

ISBN 978-906238-01-8

Price including postage & packing

UK £ 8.00 • Europe £ 9.00 • Rest of the World £ 11.00

AIRMAIL: £1.90 Europe – £3.20 Rest of World

SURFACE MAIL: £1.60 Europe & Rest of World

Buy online at www.surrealisteditions.co.uk

Please send cheques, postal orders or IMO’s payable to “Surrealist Editions” to: Surrealist Editions, 6 Aberdeen Grove, LEEDS, LS12 3QY, England.

The Bridge of Shadows was a project worked on over several years by Stephen J. Clark and Bill Howe, to explore the creative interplay of photographic and verbal images. The photographs are not in any way illustrative of the poems, nor were the poems written in response to the photographic images, both having been created entirely separately, with differing motives. The combination of these poetic artefacts constituted a game of revelation. Through this associative ‘sifting’ of evidence, subtle relationships were revealed and developed between the photographs and poems. Not only standing as an example of the intimacy of collective surrealist activity, the book also becomes an open invitation to its readers to roam in its haunted confines, to play their own revelatory games.