MANTICORE/Surrealist Communication, the group’s first journal, began to be published in 1997 and ran for eight numbers, the final issue bringing the series to a close in 2006. Four pages of A3 wove paper.Back issues continue to be available – with the exception of No 2, which is out of print – at a cost of £1.00 each plus postage.

MANTICORE/Surrealist Communication No.1 – Spring 1997
A Declaration by the Surrealist Group of São Paulo
A Brief Chronology of the Leeds Surrealist Group
The Castle as an Inner Fortress by the Leeds Surrealist Group
The Frog of Ill-Omen by Anthony Earnshaw
Surrealism and the Net by Stuart Inman
images by Bill Howe, John Welson, Sarah Metcalf, Stephen Clark, Denise Boobier, Andrew Boobier

MANTICORE/Surrealist Communication No.2 – Autumn 1997
Crocodiles with the Hearts of Lions by Bill Howe
Surrealism and Surrealism by Stephen Clark
Fists Clenched in our Frayed Pockets – a declaration by the Surrealist Movement
To Renounce the Leading Role by Jan Svankmajer
Exploding Chambers and a Fugue with the Night Watchman by Andrew Boobier
Red Work, Black Night, Remembered Maps by Krzysztof Fijalkowski
Gypaetus Barbaratus by Paul Hammond
images by Anthony Earnshaw, Roman Kubik, Eva Svankmajerova, Philip West, Martin Stejskal

MANTICORE/Surrealist Communication No.3 – Autumn 1998
Strangers Speak the Gold of Time by Stephen Clark
Let Us Hope for Some Improvement in Eyesight when Donkeys Pay for their Own Carrots by Bill Howe
Surrealism and Love by Kenneth Cox
In The Raw – a review by Sarah Metcalf of an exhibition by The Group of Czech & Slovak Surrealists
Sambo and Freud by Ian Walker
poems by Ronnie Burk, Josef Janda
images by John Welson, Denise Boobier, Katerina Pinosova, Kathleen Fox, Ian Walker

MANTICORE/Surrealist Communication No.4 – Spring/Summer 1999
Editiorial by Sarah Metcalf
A Dream of Ned Ludd by Gypsy Sherred
A Bestiary of Communion by Stephen Clark
A review by Sarah Metcalf of Surrealist Women: An International Anthology
Spiral Time by Kenneth Cox
Homage to Peter Wood
poems by Dan Stanciu, Peter Woodimages by Bill Howe, Wedgwood Steventon, Kathleen Fox, Bill Howe, Peter Wood
– AND –
as an addition
a copy of PREHENSILE TAIL No 1

MANTICORE/Surrealist Communication No.5 – Autumn/Winter 2000
The Poetry of Worthlessness by Mattias Forshage
Passage East by Annie McGrath & Peter Overton
Magnificent Seven by Gypsy Sherred
Impasse Angélique by Krzysztof Fijalkowski
A Surrealist Game from the Ioannina Surrealist Group in Greece
poems by Katerina Pinosova
images by Kenneth Cox, Stephen Clark, Bill Howe, Krzysztof Fijalkowski, Niklas Nenzén, Anthony Earnshaw

MANTICORE/Surrealist Communication No.6 – Autumn/Winter 2002
Fool’s Gold, a declaration by the Leeds Surrealist Group
The Rich Sardine Lives In His Own Tin: a tribute to Anthony Earnshaw by Les Coleman
A review of Alain Joubert’s Le mouvement des surréalistes by Michael Richardson
A review of the website Now Surreal
poem by Kenneth Coximages by Guy Girard, Anthony Earnshaw, Les Coleman
– AND –
as an addition
a copy of PREHENSILE TAIL No 2
Reviews by Michael Richardson and Stuart Inman of the exhibition La Révolution surréaliste

MANTICORE/Surrealist Communication No.7 – Summer/Autumn 2004
City Hung, Drawn and Quartered, a declaration by the Leeds Surrealist Group
An Upsurge of Dreams Is Always Possible by Bill Howe & Kenneth Cox
Time On Fire by Conrad Russell
Beneath The Shipwreck, a collective declaration by the Surrealist Group of Cantabria
poems by Ted Joans, Ronnie Burk
images by Rik Lina, Stephen Clark, Karol Baron, Peter Overton
– AND –
as an addition
a copy of PREHENSILE TAIL No 3
Beyond the Frontiers of Machines by Michael Richardson

MANTICORE/Surrealist Communication No.8 – Autumn/Winter 2006
Profane Revelation, a declaration by the Leeds Surrealist Group
The Wineglass No Longer Towers Out Of The Sea by Stephen Clark
The Lure of the Near by Krzysztof Fijalkowski
A review of Michael Richardson’s Surrealism and Cinema, by Gareth Brown
Surrealist Encounters in Santiago de Compostela
An extract from Two Heads, a game played by Leeds Surrealist Group
a poem by Katerina Pinosova
images by Gareth Brown, Martin Trippett, Annie McGrath, Krzysztof Fijalkowski, Conroy Maddox, Eva Svankmajerova, Sabine Levallois